You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby


We went to the museum yesterday. A good time was had by all. Becca was a little afraid of the dinosaur bones and the animals on the second floor. And they really do have some clean glass, because as Becca was taking a closer look at the stuffed gorilla, she bonked her nose right on the glass. She’s fine, and it was actually quite funny.

I think that Tony had a good time, also. He can’t remember ever visiting the museum. The more I thought about it, I couldn’t really remember ever taking him with me. We’ve gone with my brother’s family, and on a preschool field trip, but Tony never seemed to make it with us. The two of us really grew up SO differently. I grew up in the city, and my parents grew up in the city. Places like the museum, the zoo, Phipps Conservatory were all regular yearly stops for us. It was normal. Now, it’s not like Tony grew up in the sticks. He grew up in Carnegie. (For all you non-Pittsburgh readers, a suburb RIGHT next to the city limits). Me? Small family, one brother. Dad was a cop, Mom worked at a bank. Him? Huge family. Six sisters, one brother. His father drove a shuttle bus at the airport, and his mother worked as a telephone operator for a while. Although every family goes through their different issues, Tony’s family really went through a lot. They didn’t really have much money growing up, and just weren’t exposed to the ‘learning adventures’ that I got to experience. I mean, Tony is only 36 and he remembers having a coal furnace. I’ve heard stories about plastic shoes and his brother sewing a Levi’s tag on the back of his jeans so they would look like Levis.

Tony has been a great father, and I think he enjoys going on these little adventures more than the kids. He’s been a great provider, and he’s not been afraid to follow his dreams. I love being his supporter and his motivator. And I love being along for the ride. I’m so proud of everything he’s accomplished.

OK, I’m done being all mushy-gushy. Consider this my early Valentine’s Day post about my love.

Have a great day!

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