He Went With His Gut


Tony always seems to find weird or crazy happenings. Well, thank God he found one on Saturday.

He was on his way home from work on Saturday night/Sunday morning. It had snowed just a bit, and the roads were a little bit slick. As he was coming down McKee (a 2 lane road) towards Oakdale, he saw some tire tracks that went off the road. He kept on driving, but those tracks really just didn’t look right to him. So, because he couldn’t stop thinking about the tracks, he turned around to go and check everything out.

As he peered over the edge of a drop off, he saw a car in the creek. The headlights were still on, windshield smashed, and just basically a mess. He called 911, and headed down to a small bridge to take him to the other side of the creek. The man inside was moaning, so he just kept on talking to him until the paramedics came. Once they got there, he asked if they needed him for anything else. When they said that they didn’t, he just headed home. As he got home, he heard the emergency siren. We found out later that the man had to be life flighted to the hospital.

So, send some good vibes for this man. From what I understand, he is holding on, and doing better than he was when he got there. But he’s not in the clear quite yet. I am so proud of Tony for stopping. This poor man could have been down there for hours before somebody else found him (it was about 3:30 am).

Good reason to just go with your gut.

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