The Tooth Fairy Cometh

Tooth Fairy - greeting card card
Well, Becca has been playing with her ‘wiggly’ tooth for a couple of weeks now. Yesterday, it REALLY was wiggly. I asked if she wanted my help, and she said that she did. I held the tooth and told her to move her head as much as she wanted to. She moved her head a bit, felt the pain, tasted the blood, and decided that it was better for nature to just take its course. Today, however, after pushing it around with her tongue all day, she got brave. She went right into the powder room, and after a few minutes of hesitation just ripped the darn thing right out. She was very surprised at how small it was.

So, I got to be the tooth fairy tonight. I wasn’t quite sure what the going rate for the first tooth was, so i figured five bucks would be OK. She’d better not expect five bucks every time, though. So, here’s Becca (and her trusty side kick Chloe) talking about her tooth.

In other news, I have been a total slacker parent over this Christmas Vacation. I haven’t made Becca keep up on her extra reading work very much. And I haven’t been writing my good ol’ trusty to-do lists. So, I end up dong whatever I feel like doing, and not being very productive. I’ve decided that I get to slack for one more day (Sunday), and then it’s back with the nose to the grindstone. Speaking of that, I better quit blabbering here. Gotta go finish getting my designs up over at Zazzle. Have a great night!


  1. MrsEvilGenius says:

    The girls are gorgeous!

    OMG … $5? Jeez, I think I just went from Thrifty Mom to Tightwad, LOL! I did Sacajawea dollars for first tooth and quarters after.

    Great vid!

  2. BrainLint says:

    Well, let’s see. You have 3 times as many kids as me (is that right?). You’re allowed to give $1. So not a tightwad :) At least we’re about in the same ratios. I was planning $1 for the rest of the teeth.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Oh Heather this is just too cute! I hope the tooth fairy brings you a good present Becca! XOXOX


  4. moonduster says:

    Your kids are so cute!!!

    And wow on $5! My kids got 25 cents when I lived in the US, and £1 (inflation, you know) since being in the UK.

    My 6 year old just lost her first tooth last month and her second one a few days before Christmas.

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