The Medicine Nazi


Well, if you haven’t heard already, both of the girls have strep throat. Becca has made it through, but Chloe is still in the middle of everything. After two days straight of going to the pediatrician, I’m dishing out little cups of medicine like a drill sergeant. And it ain’t easy. My kids don’t enjoy taking ANY kind of medicine. It’s definitely a bout of psychological warfare that I will not lose. The Motrin isn’t really very difficult to get down their little throats. Seems that it has the least medicine-y flavor, and a small amount of coercion is needed.

Now, Becca had strep so bad that she had a rash all over her body. So, she needed Benedryl. That was a bit more difficult to keep up with. With the first dose, I talked up the flavor. Mmmmm, bubblegum. Yeah, that only works for the first dose.

How about the amoxicillin (sp?). That is definitely more difficult. The kids recognize that pink bottle in the fridge. They’ve been there, done that. They know it tases awful, and I have to agree with them. Today we even got some watermelon flavoring added. Yeah, that didn’t really help. That’s when I pull the threats out. No, you can’t watch anything on tv until you take your medicine. Chocolate? Sorry. Eat this Hershey Kiss AFTER you take the medicine, to get the taste out of your mouth. I really hate being mean about it, but they always lose. They have to.

This is our first dance with strep throat. It wasn’t pretty. I caught it earlier with Chloe, so it wasn’t quite as bad with her. And now, as the lay sleeping and I sit in a clean (well, clean-ish) house, I wonder….am I next? Taking care of sick kids is one thing. Yes, it’s tiring. But it just feels so motherly. The love just pours out of me, and I want to cuddle with them constantly. Taking care of kids when YOU’RE the one who’s sick. Awful. Terrible. Ugh.

So, I’m determined to stay healthy. I’m keeping that thought in my head. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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