I <3 you, Pittsburgh


Well, here I am in Pittsburgh, dealing with less-than-zero degrees.  It hasn’t been this cold in fifteen years.  Yuck.  I absolutely love, love, love Pittsburgh.  There’s something here that’s cozy and familiar.  The people here are (generally) awesome.  There are great hearts, fantastic senses of humor and a sense of commitment.  When I visit my folks in Florida, it just feels….so…..bare.  I think it’s the lack of hills.  The hills give me comfort, a sense of coziness.  It’s like being in a bed with lots of pillows and a fluffy comforter.  Florida is flat.  Just flat.

Pittsburgh has character.  It has history.  Now, I’m no history buff (that’s my sister in law’s department), but it’s nice to see things that have lasted for hundreds of years.  Now I live in a newly constructed home (with a frozen pipe – but that’s another story).  But I appreciate the beauty of an older home.  The carved staircases, the classic hard wood floors. 
And the people.  They just rock.  After working at the airport for seven years, I’ve spoken to many people who were just visiting Pittsburgh for the first time.  And the majority of them commented on the people.  Really.  Now don’t get me wrong, every city has its share of @ssholes.  But the visitors that I spoke with were surprised that when driving, people were courteous.  Pittsburghers are more than willing to give you directions (even if this city is one of the most difficult to navigate for visitors!).  And we’re committed.  The Pirates have sucked eggs for a very long time.  But there are still SOME dedicated fans.  As for the fans that have given up?  It took them a very long time to dish out that tough love.
If I could pick up Pittsburgh and move it somewhere just a BIT warmer, I would.  Then it would be perfect.  Now yes, we have some issues with local government.  But I could only imagine that every city has issues with local government.  But the one flaw that sticks out for me is this darn weather.  Damn this weather.  
Oh well, I guess nobody’s perfect.  And no city is perfect, either.
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