Hello, exercise.


Well, I did something last week. I ordered a Wii Fit Balance Board, and it showed up at my house on Thursday. The reason for this? Well, there are a few. One is that I REALLY start to need exercising. I have about 20 extra pounds on me that I want to go away. I haven’t done any REAL physical activity since I was tending bar, almost six years ago. I’ll walk around the neighborhood when it’s warm, but zilch in the winter. So, I thought that the Wii Fit would be a fun way to start doing something physical. And I had heard great things about it. I didn’t want to part with the cash, but I did. I also thought that using the balance board would be a bit easier for the kids.

So, I hop up on that puppy Thursday night. I enter all of my info, it weighs me and gives me my Wii Fit age. Which wasn’t pretty. It was 51. In my defense (or maybe proving how dense I can be), I DID have the board backwards when I first started. Today when I did it my age was 41…so that’s definitely better. I really like that I can do simple exercises in the yoga and strength training (well, not simple as in EASY, but simple as in not complicated) and then can play some ‘games.’ I also like that the more you play, the more games get unlocked. Keeps it interesting. I especially have been enjoying the step class and the hula hoop game. I am definitely not graceful, but that’s something I’ve always known.

The kids enjoy it also. Becca has even been really good at the skiing! Speaking of Becca, she lost a second tooth today, so I got to play tooth fairy again. She asked if I thought whether or not the tooth fairy would let her keep her tooth. I told her maybe she should draw a picture for the tooth fairy to butter her up. She has become very grown up in the past couple of weeks. Last week we had this conversation:

“Mom, do I look sexy?”
“What? No! No, you do not look sexy. You should not look sexy. Don’t say that word anymore.”
“It’s a grown up word. Just don’t say it.”

She has finally started wearing jeans. Normally, I wouldn’t really care whether or not she wears jeans. But we have bags and bags of hand-me-down jeans that are in great condition. And she does look darn cute in them. So Becca? She is definitely making the transition from little kid to just kid.

Chloe, on the other hand, is just amazing me with her imagination. She simply cracks me up. A few days ago, she told me that she knew what she was going to ask Santa for next Christmas. She said a lion. I informed her that lions eat people, and unless she wanted to be lunch, a lion would not be a very good idea. So then she switched to zebra. She told me that we could keep it outside. Yup, a zebra.

I’m trying to talk her into a hamster.

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  1. moonduster says:

    My daughter Gabby recently lost her second tooth too. And we had our Wii Fit board backwards at first too! LOL!

  2. BrainLint says:

    LOL! Maybe we are leading parallel lives.

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