Happy New Year to All!

Well, 2008 was pretty good to us. I mean, life got extra crazy and there was a huge amount of uncertainty (there still is!), but it was a huge adrenaline rush. It was life changing. It was emotional. Although I love these huge events and thrive on change, I’m hoping that we can just continue to adjust to these changes in 2009. We’re sort of on a schedule where we have some life changing event about every 5 years. I think that’s about all we can handle. It went something like this: First house and our wedding in 1999. Second house and life with kids started in 2003. Restaurant in 2008. Let’s just coast through until about 2011 or 2012.

The daily happenings of my life continue to amaze me. I never in a million years could have imagined how my life would be. Here’s how my day has gone so far. We all woke up on the couch, because we fell asleep waiting for the whole ball drop thing. There was coffee, breakfast (for the kids – still none for me yet) and I did the paperwork from the restaurant last night. (It was a great night at Downey’s House, btw. The wedding was great and we were super busy). Then started more motherly duties. Chloe wanted to play with her ‘Cupcake Maker’ that she got for Christmas. There’s a story behind this thing. She had been saying that she wanted it for Christmas since October. When I went to buy it, it was located next to the Easy Bake Ovens. I would have much rather bought an Easy Bake Oven over this thing. I knew it would be a bust, but it was the ONE THING that she was consistently asking for. So, I plunked down my 25 bucks, and here’s what I got:

So, I pull out this crazy thing, mix up the mix, nuke the cupcake (yeah, you’re supposed to), shove the icing in the tube, and they put the machine into motion. I cut it in half for them to share (Yes, you can only make one at a time), and they each took a bite. Then they said ‘Ewwwww,’ and I threw the rest in the garbage and cleaned up the mess.

Then they moved onto the next project. The ‘Le Cafe’ that they got last year.

They got this last year from my parents (on my recommendation), and they do enjoy it. I don’t really mind it so much, either. It’s quite large when you assemble it, but it does break down pretty easily, and I can store it under the couch. It is, however, much easier to assemble with TWO adults. I can do it on my own, but thank God there’s no hidden camera in my house (that I know of, anyway). The whole process of getting the ‘covering’ over the sticks of the structure involves me being inside of this floppy thing with the roof resting on my head as I try to stretch it over the frame. I come out with crooked glasses (no contacts in yet) and a big ol’ static head.

So, I’ve told them that they got their two projects done, and now it’s time for Mom to work on hers. A day in the life…..and we’ve only been awake for about four hours. Heading over to the SIL’s today for traditional pork and sour kraut. DH is working at the restaurant tonight, and I see the return of ‘normal life’ on the horizon. Have a great, great New Years!!!

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