Wow, how times have changed


I may have mentioned that I’ve gotten sucked into the vortex of facebook lately.  It’s all good.  I started an account there a year or so ago, mostly to promote my t-shirts and to connect with other people who do the t-shirt thing.  But recently I’ve re-connected with many grade school and high school friends, among others.  And today I realized just how much I have changed.  It hit me like a ton of bricks today when I said this to Becca:

You’d better stop playing on those steps, or YOU’LL be the one with the broken leg!

Now,  she had just finished telling me about a girl at the birthday party this afternoon who had a broken leg.  So, it hits me.  I can’t believe that kind of stuff is coming out of my mouth!  There are other things I thought I’d never be saying (BTW, all these things were said today):

  • Close that fridge before all the food goes bad
  • Let me help you.  Your underwear is on backwards.
  • Didn’t I tell you NOT to jump in the puddle?
  • Because I said so. (my favorite)
  • No, I don’t know why ladybugs have black spots.  Just because they do.
  • Didn’t I tell you to close the fridge?
  • Go to bed or I’m calling Santa
If you had asked me 20 years ago (yes, I graduated in 1988) whether or not I’d be saying these things on a regular basis, I’d say no way.  Back then I knew that I always wanted to have kids.  But back then I believed that everything would go my way.  I’d be rolling in cash, my kids would never misbehave, and I’d still be wearing the same size jeans.  Well, notsomuch.
Not that I’m complaining at all.  I’m happy.  I have a nice house and stuff inside of it.  My kids ARE well behaved, but I can’t control them like little robots.  And that’s when all the fun stuff happens, anyway.  When they decide for the 10th time that they’re having a Halloween Birthday party for their bear FiFi and we need to go to the dollar store NOW for treat bags.  (Chloe, by the way).  
I’m glad I didn’t have a crystal ball back then.  I might have been too afraid of the reality of it all.  I needed 10 or 15 years to warm up to the idea that my life isn’t all mine.  Now it belongs to my kids.  And I’m fine with that.  Now, the couch belonging to the kids?  Not so fine with that, but I’m working on it :)

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