New shirts :)


Hi! Before I post about the new shirts I did this morning, I wanted to add a quote to my post from yesterday. I am adding the quote “Chloe, kitchen towels are NOT for boogers.” There’s another one I never thought I would say. I’m sure I’ll come across more on a daily basis. I’ll try to share.

So, I did a new Groundhog Day design. I don’t know what it is about Groundhog Day for me. Just that glimmer of hope that Spring might be just around the corner. Hey, I know I’m grasping, but I really don’t like winter. Anyway, here they are. One for the chickies and one that’s more for the boys:

Homeboy Groundhog Day Baseball Jersey

As always, I made more than just shirts. There are buttons, tiles, mugs, mousepads and all kinds of stuff. The above links will take you to CafePress, but I made some over at Zazzle, too. Here’s a peek from over there:

Phil is my BFF bag
Phil is my BFF by hdowney

So, now it’s off to get our running around done before the Steeler game today. Just a little excited about that. And I guess I really should start doing my Christmas cards. Ugh!

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