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Don’t know if you read yesterday’s post, but Chloe was a breeze yesterday. Cheerful and cooperative. Today, however, was another story. I woke up to a very cantankerous three year old. She wasn’t going to school. She wasn’t taking her medicine. She wasn’t getting her outfit on. She didn’t give a rat’s ass about the naughty list. As I looked down at her disheveled pajamas and her completely matted hair, I threatened to take her to school completely naked. She complained the entire way there. As we were getting Becca to school, Chloe started singing ‘Jingle Bells’ (well, sort of.). Becca chimed in and Chloe screamed “I’m singin’ that song!” So Becca started singing a different song. At the top of her lungs. And Chloe continued on singing ‘Jingle Bells.’ At the top of HER lungs. Times like this makes me wonder why it’s not an option in a family vehicle for one of those limo partition thingies. Just press the button, and up goes a sound proof glass partition. It just makes sense.

So, Chloe did finally get off to school. And after I ran and worked at the restaurant for a couple of hours, I picked her up and we decided to go to the library. I really need to get back in the habit of going to the library. And not really for me, but for my kids. When I was younger, the library was only a block and a half away. I was there constantly. I would spend my summer evenings (and mornings) reading. Couldn’t get enough. I hope that my girls embrace reading as much as I did when I was younger. So, Chloe picked out some books (Bernstain Bears, Scooby Doo and some others) and I grabbed some Junie B Jones books to read to Becca. We’ve read about ten so far, and she really likes them. I had been buying them from the Scholastic Book Club, but I’m publicly promising that I will get more books from the library. It just makes sense. I’d prefer to save cash wherever I can.

So now here we are, and I’m looking forward to the chickies going to sleep. I love them so, but can I have some alone time, please?

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