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As I sit here eating a healthy snack chips and dip, watching Saturday Night Live, I realize what I really miss the most about my ‘pre-kid’ life. I miss staying up late. It’s not that I miss sleeping. I’ve adjusted pretty well to getting six interrupted hours of sleep a night. I mean, it took me five years to get adjusted to it, but I’m there now. It’s almost midnight right now. I could easily stay awake until 2 or 3. But I know that I’ll be getting up at 7:00 or 7:30. Six hours I can handle. Four or five, not so much.

I’ve always been that way. Never really a morning person. I’ve come to appreciate the mornings. I actually have a lot of energy in the morning, and get a lot accomplished. But I really have a feeling of peace late at night. And after tending bar for all those years, it just felt right to stay up late. OK, just needed to share. Sleeping rant over.

I’m actually really looking forward to Thanksgiving this year. I always get together with my brother and his family on the morning of Thanksgiving. We catch the parade and chow on some breakfast. It’s been at their house the past couple of years, but they’re coming to my Grand Maronda Home (did you hear the sarcasm?). Then, we’re going to have dinner with the hubby’s family at the restaurant. It will be the first time that we will all be able to sit at the same table and eat. We’re usually scattered throughout somebody’s house, each of us with a Styrofoam plate on our laps. The restaurant is closed to the public, and we figured the clean up will be easier there, too. If I did my count right, there’s the possibility of 40 people for dinner.

Here’s my kid conversation for today. It’s a short one. As Becca’s getting out of the tub, she’s rattling off names of shapes in Spanish. So, she asks me if I know what a quadrado is. (And I got it right!). Then she asked me how to say ‘stripes’ in Spanish.

Me: “I don’t know”
Becca: “I don’t know” means stripes in Spanish?
Me: “Smart ass!”

And as I finish writing this, Chloe just woke up screaming. Gotta go – looks like I have a cuddle buddy tonight.

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