Using Santa


I don’t remember if I ever shared this little tidbit, but here it is. If you’re a parent, you know that you can use ‘Santa Leverage’ this time of year. You know, the whole ‘Santa is watching’ really goes a long way. Well, I’ve taken this idea and brought it into the 21st century. My girls totally believe that whenever a light bulb is made a ‘Santa Cam’ is installed. So, wherever there is a light bulb in the world, there is a camera that is connected directly to Santa’s computer. It’s a very small camera. I have held Chloe up to the light fixture in my kitchen and said ‘See, Santa! Do you see what she’s doing? I can’t believe it!’ It’s been working like a charm. My father occasionally will call from Florida (usually a bit closer to Christmas) and use his best Santa voice. I try to save that one for when they’re REALLY being bad. I also try to use it if they’re being EXTREMELY good. I make sure that I look into a light and say ‘Santa, you’d better add another present on to the list!’ Yes, I am twisted.

So, my plan for the past week has been to get the girls to bed, clean up the house for about a half an hour, and then sit down and blog/design/work. That hasn’t exactly happened. The girls are still awake right now. They are dragging each other around in a large cloth hamper from Ikea. There is a great chance that somebody is going to get hurt. In fact, as I typed this, Chloe bonked her head off the ground, and she’s not giving Becca her turn. SCREAMING, CRYING – ‘MOMMY, CHLOE WON’T LET ME HAVE MY TURN!!! I WANT MY TURN!!! Excuse me, but the hamper is going on time-out.

OK, I’m back. They are both screaming and crying. What was I saying? And that is why I’ve been trying to blog at night when they are sleeping. (CHLOE IS THE MEANEST SISTER IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD). So, the reason I haven’t been blogging at night is that I’ve been falling asleep while I put Becca to bed (Chloe is already sleeping by that point). So, tonight I’ve drank about 3 cups of coffee since 4:00, and I’m getting ready for another. Darn it, I WILL NOT fall asleep tonight.

Hopefully you hear from me again later!

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