Um, There's No Snow


Well, my kids are royally ticked off at me. There’s no snow. It actually caught me a little off guard. You know, this early in the winter you still trust the weather man and the ‘Winter Weather Advisories.’ Now, if it had been March, I would know that there would be no snow. And as I look at my WeatherBug app on my browser and it has a big ol’ sun on the Sunday forecast I realize that it will probably snow that day. That’s how they roll. I actually bought snow boots for the girls yesterday, so Becca wouldn’t have to trudge through the snow at the bus stop in her sneakers. Oh well.

And shopping – I’ve really got to get on the ball (and get some cash!!!!). Looks like this entire shopping season will be paired with Mr. Chase Visa. And we’re getting hammered with birthdays right before the holiday. Between now and Christmas I have 2 sister-in-laws, a husband and four (probably five) kids birthday parties. Aarrrgh! Of course, there’s still a kid inside of me, and I think I’ve figured out what I want. I want a digital video camera. One of those cute little ones. I saw that Kohl’s has one on sale today and tomorrow for $90.

Now, I have no idea on reviews and such for this thing, but for $90 bucks I think it’s a deal. They just added Flip Minos at CafePress, and they’re almost twice as much. Now, I know that they take a nice picture and I’ve heard great things about the Flips, but I’m into saving cash.

Well, I’m off to do some office work for the restaurant. Well, not really off…I’ll still be sitting here at my kitchen table in my froggie flannel pj’s, drinking my coffee, listening to Chloe spin on the sit-and-spin!

Playskool Musical Sit'n Spin: Musical Sit N' Spin

OH, I almost forgot! There’s a free shipping coupon at CafePress for the weekend. The code is FCPHOL1 and it’s for orders over $50. Here’s the link to the CafePress Free Shipping Ad.

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