I didn't fall asleep. Really.


Well, let’s see.  Today is Saturday, and I said that I was going to write again on Thursday night, if I didn’t fall asleep.  Well, the bad news is that I didn’t write on Thursday (or, depending on whether or not you like to listen to my drivel – that might be the good news).  I did NOT, however, fall asleep with the girls.  I came downstairs and worked.  Yes, I worked and worked.  And not on restaurant stuff, either.  I worked on t shrits.  And it was fun.  I mada a couple of new designs, but this one is one of my not-so-famous quotes:

So, definitely not a wasted evening.  I stayed up until about 1:00 am.  The next night, however, is a different story.  Last night I didn’t fall asleep in bed with Becca.  Came downstairs all ready to watch some grown up tv.  Ten minutes later…asleep.  Oh well.  

We went to the book fair at the primary school on Friday morning.  The girls really enjoyed picking out some books (of course they wanted more than the 3 each I let them get!).  As Chloe and I were in the car on the way there, we had an extreme ‘Why?’ moment.  If you are the parent of a three year old, I’m sure you know what this is.  Every. Single. Answer. Gets. A. Why.
Here’s how the conversation basically went:

“Mom, can i feed Mackie (the fish) when we get home?”
“Sorry, Chlo.  I already fed Mackie today.”
“Um, because he was hungry”
“Because everything needs to eat.”
“Because if things don’t eat, they’ll die.”
(deep calming breath) “I don’t know Chlo.  Because.”

Then it gets funny.  Really, Chloe just cracks me up.

‘Mom, dead fish go in the potty.”
“Right, Chlo”
“But not alive fish.  You can’t put alive fish in the potty.”
“No, Chloe.  You can’t put alive fish in the potty.”
“Yeah, because then they would get pee on them.”
“Right, Chlo.  They would get pee on them.”

Well that satisfied her.  We drive along, bee-bopping to the radio and enjoying the sunshine.  A few minutes later, I get this question.

“Mom, Do fish pee in the water?”
“Well, yeah, Chloe.  Fish pee in the water.”

So, there is some Chloe conversation for ya.

Since this post touched on sleep a little bit, I’m going to share this really interesting stuff about polyphasic sleep.  Polyphasic sleep basically is sleeping for 20 minutes every four hours.  And that’s it.  This gentleman actually slept this way for five months.  It was really interesting to read through how it went.  

OK, gotta snack before I go to bed!

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