Filling a void


Well, I have to say that my days just have felt a little ‘off’ lately. It’s all about the morning routine. My mornings are not the exact same every day. Um, if you’re a mom you know that NOTHING is the same every day with two kids. But, I usually have some time before noon to stop by and check on the blogs that are up above me as I type in my bookmark toolbar in FireFox. And I’m not going on and on, but since the Burgh Blog is gone, I’ve decided I’m on a mission to find another blog (or two) to fill that void. I have a few Pittsburgh bloggers I’m checking out, and I’ll share after I stick with them for a couple of weeks.

So, speaking of mornings, I’ve finally convinced Becca to let me drive her to school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Chloe has preschool those days, and we gain another 40 minutes in the morning if I just drop Becca off at school before I take Chloe to preschool. So, we enjoyed our little bit of extra time today. While Becca was eating her bowl of Coco Puffs (not the plain chocolate kind – they’re half vanilla and half chocolate) she told me about her gym class the other day. I guess that some of the kids from the other team were making faces at her when she was having her turn. Now, I would guess that they were probably making faces at everybody, but Becca takes these things very personally. So, I asked her what she did when they were making the faces. She said that she didn’t do anything. So, I tried to teach her about sarcasm. Probably not such a good idea for a five year old. I told her “Why don’t you say ‘WOW, that face you’re making makes you look SOOOOOOOO beautiful.’” She laughed, and I think she understood LISTENING to sarcasm. But she said she couldn’t say that. It would be lying.

Yes, my kid follows the rules pretty well. D@mn those rules.

Well, seeing that it’s after midnight and the alarm sounds at 6:30, I’d better get going. Yeah! for the Steelers’ win tonight. Boo! for the snow.

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