Drive by Posting


OK, I have to be quick today. Becca’s home sick from school, I have a big honkin’ sinus infection, and it’s the busiest bar day of the year. I do have a free shipping coupon from Cafe Press for ya. The code is FEMHOL10 and it’s good on purchases over $50 up until November 28th.

Lots of stuff to do on the Print-On-Demand projects, too. Zazzle just made a bulk add tool available (so I can FINALLY get all of my designs up there) and CafePress just added dark sweatshirts and zip up hoodies. Looks like I have projects to last me for a while. That’s on top of all the birthday parties coming up, Christmas shopping, decorating, and general everyday life stuff. I need a clone. OOH, like that movie ‘Multiplicity’ with Michael Keaton. The kids sure would have fun with the 3rd clone (or was it the 4th?). You know, the one who was….well…let’s say mentally challenged.

OK, gotta bolt! Happy Thanksgiving Eve!!!

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