Time flies…


Well, time really DOES fly when you have 8 million things going on in life. So sorry I haven’t written. Mom came up for a visit, running the restaurant, doing my online business, doing kindergarten homework, sometimes sleeping. OH, and the new seasons of my fav shows have started. I have found time for the shows that I like to DVR. They are, in no particular order, True Blood (HBO),The Office, How I Met Your Mother, Three and a Half Men, and new to the line up, The Big Bang Theory. New episodes of 30 Rock start next Thursday, and that will make it on the list too. the beautiful thing about DVR is that I can watch it whenever I want to and skip the commercials. Now I just have to get it in my bedroom, so I can watch before I go to sleep!!

So, here’s what motivated me to actually write today. Another funny little Becca story. Last night we were doing homework. She had to glue pictures (or draw pictures) of things that started with the letter ‘A’ onto a paper. Her little brain was searching and searching for ‘A’ words. She’s sounding it out ‘aaaaaa.’ And then she looks at me with her big, beautiful eyes. “Mom, I can’t say that. It’s a swear word.” Of course I know what she’s thinking. So I tell her “Well, go ahead and say it. Just this once. Because if it’s at least a word that starts with ‘A’ I’ll be happy that you figured another word out.” Sh she says it “OK…ass.” Then she starts giggling. But the kicker is what she asked next. “Mom, can you draw a picture of a butt on my paper?” Laughing, I tell her that I didn’t think Mrs. Z would appreciate a picture of a butt.

I just went out and bought bags and bags of Halloween candy and hid it from
myself the kids. There’s the preschool party (bags of treats for 11), then there’s the kindergarten party (smaller bags of treats for 19), and then there’s trick-or-treat. The really bad thing about all of this is that I’m going to get all of that candy back through my kids. Ugh.

I’m also gearing up for the Halloween Bash at Downey’s House. Gotta finish getting my costume ready today. I think I have the tricycles for the tricycle races, got the ingredients for the pudding shots, got some spooky drink garnishes. Now I just have to make it through tomorrow. Got a nice 12 hour day ahead of me. Oh, and it’s also Anita’s (the co-owner) birthday tomorrow, so I have to go and get her a little surprise cake.

I have lots of thoughts racing around this crazy head of mine, and I really will get better at posting them. And all of the stories. OH, I just thought of another one. Gotta remember to talk to you about Chloe and the color black. See ya later!

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