What my kids say


Well, I thought I’d start posting some things that my kids say to me. Partially for entertainment value, and partially so I don’t forget when I’m old and gray. So, here are some things I remember from the last week or so. Right now they’re all from Becca. Chloe definitely has big huge conversations with me, but she hasn’t started questioning the world so much yet. Well, except by asking ‘Why?”

So, last week we’re in the car driving to the bank and here’s the conversation I had with Becca

“Mom, do bears eat people?”
“Um, well, not usually.”
“Well, I think bears eat people, because people are full of meat. And bears like meat.”

OK, point taken.

Then, one morning as I was getting Becca ready for school, this was the scene:
“Becca, come on!  You’ve got to get your outfit on and come down and eat your waffle!  And we still have to do your hair!! You don’t want to miss the bus!”
Standing at the top of the stairs, with her hand resting on her hip, she says:
“Geez Louise, Mom!  You sure are one bossy woman!”
Um, ok.  Point taken again.

She also was kissed by a boy on the bus.  She had a half day that day, and got home about 12:30.  She didn’t inform me of the kissing incident until 5:30!!!!  Um…HELLO!!!  Where where have you been all afternoon!!!!  I got the details, which were that she was kissed on the cheek by a boy that she DID like.  She thought it was yucky.  She no longer wants to marry this boy.
Chloe has been adjusting pretty well to Becca not being around.  The house is much calmer.  But I definitely can’t wait to hear how Becca’s day went when she gets home.
On another topic, I started taking Chantix yesterday.  My quit date is Friday the 12th, which will be the first day I’m at the restaurant during the new smoking ban.  There are a couple of girls at work who have started taking Chantix, too.  I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

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