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Just thought that I’d let everybody know that my letter never received any kind of response from anybody official. I sent that letter not only to Dan Onorato, but to all of Allegheny County Council. And I didn’t sent it as one big ol’ spammy email. I sent it to each person as an individual. So, my final thought on that is…how annoying.

In other news, I didn’t think it was exactly appropriate to post this on the Downey’s House Blog, so I posted it here. This is just a little message to the two ladies (and I’m using that term VERY loosely) who attempted to destroy the pictures of my children.

Oh wait…you didn’t hear this story. Let me back up. Seems that there was a table of women in their late twenties in the restaurant last Wednesday. Long story short, they were tipsy and acting suspicious. They took the picture of Chloe (located in the ladies’ room) off the wall and put it in the garbage. That picture was rescued by Tony (DH). Later, they went into the ladies room and tore the picture of Becca off the wall, ripped the print out and crumpled it up. Um, WTF?!?!?! Tony had some very choice, loud swear words for these chicks. They are barred. (and just in case you didn’t know, you only get barred from Downey’s House once). They then proceeded to walk out on their tab. I’m going to leave all of the loud, adult, descriptive conversation out of this post. The police did send these ladies citations. I have to say, that if I was at the bar when this happened, I might have gone all crazy on these chicks. I mean, taking a picture off the wall as a joke or on a dare is one thing. But if you touch the pictures of my kids, you life is seriously in danger. Just had to share. Oh, and my message for them is that I hope I can see how karma gets them back. Karma has a great way of taking care of bad people.

Have a great weekend!

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