Busy, Busy, Busy


Well, hello! I’ve been busy with a bunch of stuff for the restaurant, and a bunch of t-shirt stuff. But I’ve jumped in here for a few reasons, just to keep everybody in the loop

First, here’s the scoop on Downey’s House. Long story short, we put a bunch of money in escrow so that the PLCB could get tax clearance from the Dept of Revenue and the Dept of Labor and Industry. That was Tuesday. We asked if we might close on Friday (tomorrow), and we were told that Friday would be a miracle. But we’re all shooting for early next week. Which would put our opening around Memorial Day.

Next, I actually did a new t shirt design. I’ve been updating the job/occupation store ( and, but I actually added a new one to So, here’s the shirt (via Zazzle):

Sarcastic Comment shirt

Sarcastic Comment by hdowney
Get this custom shirt at Zazzle

And here’s the framed tile from CafePress:

Sarcastic Comment Framed Tile

Number 3 is a cool story:

I had Chloe (3) in the back seat of the car, and she decided to put the window down. We’re driving along, enjoying the warm weather and fresh air. I was in a great state of mind. Riding high on the whole ‘life is good vibe. All of the sudden, Chloe starts FREAKING OUT. I have no idea what happened. She is hysterical. I pull over and get her to calm down. Turns out, she was holding her sister’s little stuffed Tigger out the window. Well, you know what happened. SO, I turn around and head back down the road (which is a 2 lane road, but pretty busy). I see it, pull over into a driveway, and try to cross the street. The whole time I’m watching cars drive over Tigger. Nobody actually ran it over—until—the big semi did. Well, I got Tigger. He’s really no worse for the wear, and Chloe and I have decided to keep this a little secret.

She said that she’ll never hold anything out the window again.

When we went to pick up Becca from preschool, Chloe didn’t want to go. She said she didn’t even want to see Becca. She sat in the car with her woobie (aka blanket) over her head. When Becca finally got in the car, Chloe totally kissed her ass. Becca was being silly, and Chloe said (in a sucking up kind of way) “Becca, you’re SOOOOO funny!”

She hasn’t told Becca what happened, and she probably won’t find out until she learns how to read and finds this blog.

Happy Day!


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