Well, here I am in sunny Cape Coral, Florida. So far it’s been beautiful weather. We got here on Wednesday night, and traveling with a two year old and a four year old wasn’t nearly as bad as it could have been. Chloe slept pretty much the whole flight. In fact, she’s never stayed awake on a flight in her life. Becca was awake the whole time. It was a lot of ‘Are we there yet?’ but at least it was only two hours of it, instead of an entire car ride to the Outer Banks (like our last big trip).

I already have a sun burn. But I’ll take a sun burn in April any day. We went to Sanibel Island yesterday, and then hung out in the pool. I love seeing my folks bonding with the kids. In fact, Papap is planning on taking them to the candy store today. Just a bit of excitement in the air!!!

Seems like I’ve had a bunch of librarians buying stuff at I’m Not Working. I’ve had quite a run the past few days. So, if you’re a librarian, you can check out the designs I have available here. Well, everybody have a great weekend. Don’t know if I’ll make another appearance here while I’m on vacation.

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