Rat Germs


Well, we went to our birthday parties this past weekend. And yes, now we are sick. Again. It feels like I have an army of teenie tiny employees working overtime in the booger factory located in my nose. Fantastic. Plain and simple, Chuckie Cheese = Big Fat Germs. That’s my addition to parent math.

Well, since this post is heading down that road of complaining, I might as well continue. I took Becca to the dentist on Monday. This was her second visit, because they found 5 cavities at her first visit. Before we get there, I discuss how they’re going to use nitrous oxide to make her feel ‘weird’ and we talk about filling the cavities. We’re ready. We get to the dentist office about 11:50 for our noon appointment. They called us back at 1:00. Yes, my friends, 1:00. Now I understand that things happen. Their thing on that day was that an assistant called off. That’s fine. I really DO understand. But, if you know when I sign in that my wait will be more than a half an hour, please tell me. Instead of sitting in your stuffy waiting room with 10 other parents with children, I could have been running errands. Hell, there’s a Wal-Mart right next door. By the time Becca got back to the dentist, she wasn’t just nervous. She was bored and aggravated. And probably a little tired. But she did well, and came out telling me that she felt dizzy. By the time we made it home, she started crying that she never wanted to go back to the dentist. I think she’s over it now, though. Good thing, because we have to go back on the 31st.

Poor little thing, she’s really going thru the ringer lately. We just went to pick up her new glasses yesterday. She’s had glasses for about a year, but the doc upped the times she needs to wear them. For tv, reading, coloring…pretty much all the time except when she’s playing. She DOES look cute in them though. I do feel bad for her. Well, for all of us. I’ve put us all through doctor and dentist appointments. I figured I’d better get them all in before our insurance changes. I have no idea what our new insurance will be like, but because we’ll be getting it on our own (because we will be self-employed), I can only imagine that it won’t be stellar.

I just got a little bit of news on the status of Downey’s House. I’ll update later today when I know more. Happy Friday! Oh, and be careful out there tomorrow! Remember…drinking and thinking don’t go together.

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