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First of all, I have to say that my two girls can really make me smile. This morning they sat in my office chair and begged me to spin them. And spin them, and spin them, and spin them. When they’re getting along like that (and that usually means ganging up on me), and they’re laughing and smiling, all is good in the world. However, right now, Becca is screaming ‘no’ and Chloe is trying to sit on her and pinch her. Now, I didn’t have a sister growing up. But I’m assuming that all this love/hate stuff is normal. Or at least I hope so.

Now, I spend most of my days doing one of three things. I’m either cleaning up (which would include doing laundry and such), feeding the girls (some days it seems like that’s all they do!), or trying to get some work done here on the computer. Some days it seems like I really don’t get any work done. And by the time they are both sleeping, I’m too tired to concentrate!

We have been cooped up in the house now for about a week. The girls both had the flu (and resulting ear infections), and then I got the flu. To put it bluntly, I felt like ass. Today I’m feeling a bit human. We have a party to go to tomorrow afternoon, so we can get out and about.

So, now I have to decide if I feel human enough to do the one task that has been looming….finishing my taxes. I started them…did all the easy stuff…entered the W2-s and the 1099′s. Deductions? Still have to do that. That’s the hard part. Going thru my shoddy system of keeping what I can write off. We should be getting a decent little chunk of money back, so that should be enough motivation for me to do the taxes. And we’re going to need that chunk of money, seeing that Tony’s going to quit his job to run the restaurant once it opens.

Speaking of the restaurant, I’m a little sad that I won’t really get to be there for the fun stuff. Unless I get a sitter, I guess. I will be there in the morning, probably with a child or two with me. I’ll be doing all of the paperwork, advertising, bookkeeping, and anything that won’t involve actually ‘being’ there for too long. Which is fine with me. I don’t really miss the whole bartending thing all that much. Maybe a little, but it really seems like a lifetime ago. And I hear enough war stories from Tony…I don’t need to experience them. Oh, and I meant to mention…I stumbled upon an awesome blog. It’s waiterrant. If you’ve EVER worked in a restaurant, you will appreciate it. Even if you haven’t, this man is a very good writer. He has a book coming out this summer, too. Anyway, I’ve found myself going through the archives and laughing out loud. Well, I’ve got to go and either a) do some taxes or 2) get our sales tax info and EIN for Downey’s House. Don’t forget, make us a friend on myspace. Our profile is at www.msypace.com/downeyshouse.
I’ve actually gotten to catch up a bit with some friends and family (especially my cousin Dave in Scotland) because of all this myspace/restaurant stuff, and it’s kind of nice :)

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