Some Twisted Holiday Thoughts


On this, Black Friday, I’ve created my first Christmas design. Did I go shopping today? Um..NO!!! I spent the day in my comfy clothes at home with the kids. That was after waking up at 2 am to down some Pepto. I’m not used to eating all that food!!! But it was good. Anyway, here’s the design for today. I hope it doesn’t offend anybody (um, I guess it might offend somebody who’s a hoe, but who would really admit it?)

Hoe, Hoe, Ho Ho Ho!

As usual, it’s available on shirts, mugs, hats and more. I made a greeting card, also. I think that would be great to send out to the family!!! It’s also available at Zazzle. Hope everybody had a great turkey day!!! Get your shopping done :)

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