I shouldn't be doing this…


Right now I’m supposed to be cleaning my office. I am oh so good at procrastination. The papers are everywhere, kids books on the floor and there are two CD/DVD organizers laying on my desk just waiting to be filled. Everything that needs to go in them is scattered. All over. Oh well.

I have just a few little notes about life over the past week or so. Maybe I’ll go in chronological order:

Last Saturday my hubby went to the Pitt game. Home opener. He had a great time and took a cab home. The next day he shows me this beer coozy (you know, to wrap around it and keep it cold). But this one doesn’t just say ‘Pitt’ on it. No…this is a super fantastic invention. And I can’t believe that I didn’t think of it. It has two really strong magnets on the back of it, and they’re covered with a piece of pleather. That way, when you’re tailgating you can just put it on the car. It actually holds en entire full can of beer. So simple………

Sunday night I had girl’s night out. Nice dinner at the Grand Concourse, drinks outside at Bar Louie, and then a jaunt into the South Side and we headed to Dee’s Cafe. Felt good to get back to drinking and smoking…no matter how bad it might be for me. For just those mere 8 hours I had no responsibility. Nice. Of course, there were 6 moms. What did we (mostly) talk about? Kids and kid/family related stuff.

OK, while I was writing this post here’s what happened: I had Chloe (2) come up to me and say ‘turds.’ She did not have a diaper on. So, I asked “Where?”, and she led me to the family room. Diaper on the floor, full o’ turds. At least none had wondered onto the carpet. So, I did the whole potty-diaper change thing with her. Then Becca (4) wanted a peanut butter sandwich. Cut into a circle. Of course, then Chloe wants one, too. So I made two peanut butter sandwiches. The point is, if you’re reading this you would imagine that I’m sitting at my computer just typing away. Not exactly.

Well, I’ll have to catch up on some more later….I’m actually going to start to clean! By the way, if you’re looking for Halloween shirts, I’ve started a new blog at
I’ve picked out shirts that I like. The one is quite funny, and I think I’m actually going to purchase it. Here’s the link: 333 Half Evil

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