Hey…I'm hot! (Well, sort of)


So, I wake up this morning and have two lovely emails from Zazzle. One stating that I designed the Hottest Funny T-shirt of the Day, and one stating that I designed the hottest Sticker of the Day. Go figure. It does make me pretty darn happy, though. The two designs are below…they are the two Halloween Designs I did yesterday. The ‘Official Candy Inspector’ design also won a Today’s Best award (on a tote bag). I just got lots of thumbs up yesterday, which makes me feel fantastic.

You can purchase the both of these products at 20% off until the end of Monday, September 17th. Pass it around!

Go Look at it on Zazzle

Go Look at It on Zazzle

You can also get these designs at my CafePress store, in the holiday section. Have a great Day!

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