Some General Stuff


OK, here are just a few things. First of all…when, exactly, did I become a grown up? All kinds of responsibility, cleaning toilets, caring for kids and falling asleep on the couch at 9:00 (like my mother). I’m sure it was a slow and gradual process. But I was a bartender until I had kids (in 2003), and I was a late-nighter. I’d be eating eggs at Denny’s at 2:00 in the morning on a Wednesday. Now, the only reason I’m up at 2:00 am is to fill up a bottle (of milk). Although I love my kids and love being a mom, every once in a while I miss the 25 year old me. (Which, if I had to pick an age to stay forever–that would be it. But only if I could still have my kids…but that’s an entirely different post. Anyway, took the family to one of my favorite places last week…Sarris candy. My four year old nearly passed out when she saw all of the stuffed animals. (She has a strange stuffed animal addiction). Of course, the chocolate is yummy….(mmm…peanut butter melt-aways) but they also have a nice selection of candies from when I was little. For example, we bought some ‘flying saucers’ (like communion wafers with little balls of sugar inside), candy dots on paper (you always end up eating some paper!) and gold rush gum. So, it was fun. There was a great crossing guard outside. Guess he’s been there forever. The hubby bought him some chocolate, and the kids gave him big smiles. They also have an ice cream shop at the store, but we went right after lunch. If you’re interested in going (can’t believe you haven’t been there!), here are the directions. OK, just had to share! If you go, have a great time…and tell them you read about them on my blog!

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