Slacking…it happens.


OK, I have to just admit that I’ve been slacking on the blog. I’m full of excuses. Here are some:

  • The kids wouldn’t let me
  • I had too much work to do
  • My brain is going crazy because we are going to buy a bar (not exactly sure which one…or how)
  • My house is a mess (although, I must note, I haven’t really cleaned it…but when the house is a mess my brain doesn’t think very clearly)

I could go on and on, but I won’t

I will, however say this: Becca has been going to a summer program at her pre-school. (Ewing Hills in Collier Township—GREAT SCHOOL!) This is the second of two summer sessions, each lasting two weeks, five days a week. I must say, it’s like a job driving her to and from school every day. I can’t wait until Saturday! Granted, sometimes we carpool in the neighborhood. But there are only two of us with cars big enough for all the little chicks. And our friends both work, so I’ve done most of the driving (not complaining about that at all…once I’m in the car the chickies are quite entertaining!) So, I guess my point is that I’m glad that Becca will be riding on the bus once Kindergarten comes.

Another slightly notable event that is coming soon…my birthday. Now, I don’t like all the fanfare and hoo-ha for my birthday. Not at all. But I do like my one tradition that I’ve had for the past four years (maybe even more). I get the day to myself. I call it “Heather Fest” (as opposed to the Mother’s Day “Mom Fest” – which includes the family). I get to sleep in, then I get slightly prettied up (meaning I do my hair and make up) and head out to shop. Now, I don’t go out and spend a ton of money. But I get my coffee and BROWSE. This year I might even go to Barnes & Noble and flip thru some books. By myself. No kids. And if there are screaming kids in the bookstore, I may duct tape their mouths. I will eat lunch by myself and have a glass of wine. I will not be social. No fake conversations, no fake smiles. This day will be mine, and mine alone…..well, until I come home later in the evening and the family sings :)

So, as I depart, I leave you with this…which just made me laugh hysterically. What a bunch of bullshit.

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