New Designs


Well, just thought I’d post about the two designs I did today. And I think they’re both quite funny! The first one struck me at a party in my neighborhood. And even though I only have 1 in pre-school, I could totally understand the sentiment!!!

First is this one, which reads “I Can’t Wait Until the Kids Go Back to School”

And here’s my other design, which is a companion to “Good Tippers Go To Heaven.”

Bad Tippers Serve in Hell

The hubby helped on that one. He came up with the “serve”…which is the best part!

On a personal note, The 4th of July was good. Both the kids liked the fireworks (we actually saw them on the 3rd). Spent time with family on the 4th, and the kids were so tired that they wanted to go home (gasp!) and fell asleep in the car at 7:45.

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